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Our Mission

Poetry Unplugged is an artistic experience to bridge the gap from one artist to another. In effort to create a platform that allows artists to be limitless in their expression and creativity. 

Our Roots

Poetry Unplugged is an innovative take on the Open Mic scene. We have a monthly gathering at local venues & establishments around Cleveland, Ohio. Established in January 2022, Poetry Unplugged was founded by Tom "TP" Parker (@tparker716) and Morgan Paige (@morganpshorts). Both of us being artist's and entrepreneur's realized the lack of attentiveness and response artist's received whilst performing at open mics with a crowded bar and ongoing conversation. We wanted to provide a platform for artists to be respected, heard and limitless in their expression. Our Open Mic experience combines the open mic aesthetic with a networking twist.  We believe that our platform can bridge the gap from one creative to another. We understand that none of us got to where we are alone and we truly appreciate our amazing supporters, creatives, family and friends that come out to indulge in art and poetry with us at Poetry Unplugged.

Ray Makale,

College Student

An open mic like no other! Very comfortable and inviting. The energy is amazing! The crowd is always engaged! A beautiful atmosphere created for artists! It's a great place to network, express and connect on a multitude of levels! For all creatives, this is the place to be.

Jadan Shorts,


I love Poetry Unplugged from the second I walk in till the moment I leave. I believe it is an experience meant for everyone to feel comfortable and have a good time. The vibe is unmatched and can't be replaced. 

Avery LaMar Pope,


Poetry Unplugged is home for me. It's the place where I feel most comfortable to debut new pieces, mess up if I need to, and feel safe to be honest. The community is just that - community. And that's what poetry is about - communal healing. That's what Poetry Unplugged provides.

Let's Connect!

Tel: 216-399-1744

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