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Hey Poetry Unplugged,

We have awaited this moment for a while to be able to host the writings, poetry, the works' of local artists on our website. Since we are an artist facing community, it is only right we back up the artists who attend Poetry Unplugged and give them another platform to be recognized for their genius. Even the artists who haven't been able to attend Poetry Unplugged, (which we hope you can one day) we believe this is another avenue to being heard and being seen for who you truly are, written in your own words. We are grateful for the continued support. We dont take for granted the love we receive every Open Mic experience, the businesses and organizations that have opened their arms to partner with us and most importantly the artists who continue to show up and decide that PU is a community they want to be apart of. We are nothing without you guys and we will do our best in honoring you and the art of Poetry with this platform.

If you would like to submit your Poetry or Creative Writing's to be featured on our website, here is the link to submit, along with further instructions.

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