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Seatbelts - Yemmy

i pour my heart out and you let it spill.

it flows through your fingertips like water from the faucet.

you don’t even attempt to cup your hands.

you don’t even attempt to make amends.

it’s like, i’s almost like i meant nothing to you.

like seatbelts don’t keep us from plummeting into our windshields.

and i been your seatbelt.

anything to keep you safe.

anything to hold my place.

but seatbelts don’t get recognition.

quite often, they get ignored.

and when we do put them on, because they beep so incessantly, begging for attention, we roll our eyes.

act is if their soul purpose isn’t to halt our demise.

but how dare i want what’s best for you.

how dare i protect you from danger.

it’s funny because my Dad told me he never felt safe with a woman before my mom.

how she protected him, even from himself.

i was raised by a seatbelt.

so it’s only natural that i became one.

but you play with your life, truly disregarding what it takes to sustain one.

seatbelts don’t judge.

they don’t make decisions about who deserves to be protected.

they just go where they’re directed and make little to no complaint.

and people like you take them for granted.

i put in so much effort and you don’t even understand it.

you see my efforts as annoyance.

you see bothersome beeping in my need for reassurance.

i just want you to see me.

see that i do everything in my power to shield you from life’s conditions.

but, unfortunately, seatbelts never get recognition.

Yemmy is a poet that PU has had the honor to experience on the mic.

You can follow and keep up with Yemmy by clicking the link below:

What's next for you? ( Upcoming events, book releases)*

I’m currently planning a featured poet event with Versified Expressions in Akron, OH.

Why do you write?

I write because things don’t feel resolved until I write about them. I write because my thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences come to life on stage. I’m able to be my most authentic self when I’m writing and performing.

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