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Letter to You - CoCo


If I could paint a picture of you, you’ll be the colors red, purple,

black and blue with stitches and glue. Once upon a time you used

to be broken into two, damn heart you have patches and bandages


If I would’ve known love would have done this to you I would’ve

choose you, I’m a fool. This is my letter to you apologizing for

allowing this cold world to do this to you. Now you’re spread thin

now I’m in a box looking within, within trying to revive you

hoping we can be friends again.

Now I’m sitting here with my thoughts, hoping my cost don’t give

me a lost.

I’m sitting here feeling envy I mean empty, god can you hear me. I

found myself time and time again wishing I can press rewind. Hold

on give me a second I need to free my mind.

Once Upon a time you used to be mine but I let the world

turn you cold, I’m sorry I fold. Now finding myself in a dark space

trying to plead my case. Hold on give me space! I’m trying to

resuscitate, resuscitating hoping that you will come back some day.

Seeing me with a clear eye view, heart is that you.

This is my letter to you hoping you understand I did this for you. I

find myself being on life support praying that god hears my voice.

As I lye next to you I am hoping you’ll forgive me because you are

a story that still being written.

As I stand by your side on life support and letting you know this

isn’t the ending. This is the beginning of something a promising

letter that next time I will choose you.

You’re a flower child, beautiful child, a rose that’s being risen

never stop reminding yourself how beautiful you are. Keep

reaching for the stars that seem so far. Remember, this is your

world it’s just people resign in it.

CoCo is a local artist from Cleveland, Ohio -

you can follow her on social media at @siponmycoco

What's next for you? ( Upcoming events, book releases)*

Keep writing, hopefully publish something one day.

Why do you write?

To release my triggers.

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