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Who I BE - Gloria LaJoy




I am Her,

Goddess of the sunlight, melanin Queen, from me streams Life, Big L

I am She,

The woman of yellow, red, orange, blue, green; whatever color you mention it look good on me

I am Her,

Her that carries her mother, brother, sister, friend as if they were apart of her own skin

She, She who will always open door no matter how many are closed on me


Your sister, your friend, you lover too.

What you do to me, you do to you.


Light – pouring in when you are running low, knowing that joy can be found in ANY room its all

about how far you are willing to go.


Comfort when its Nice

Truth when it is Necessary

A lover Everyday

And a Fighter by generational spirit.

Now WHO are you?

May I see?

Now, that I have allowed you to see

Who I BE.

Written BY: Gloria LaJoy

You can follow Gloria LaJoy on instagram at @glorialajoy

Why do you write?

I write because without it, my mind would have won by now. Writing is an outlet, a way to get many of the long winded thoughts I have out. It gives me space to breath, to be at peace for just a second. I often don't even know what I am writing, until I go back and read. I have just started to actually acknowledge what I am writing as something worth sharing. Words hold a lot of weight and I think if I can do anything in this world its speak to peoples soul through the words I write, that stem directly from my heart. My hope is that what I write makes people feel seen, heard, worthy, valued, acknowledged -- even if we are the only two people who relate in that moment.

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