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What If - Indira

This poem was submitted in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

What if?


Questions I’d have if I tinder matched with the nigga that robbed and sexually assaulted

me at gun point at a bus stop on a Main Street at 6am since, after talking to the police, I

realized that the person who did it fits the description of the people that I typically date

and thus, would swipe right on?

Question 1a: Would it be the first time somebody who took something from me thought they were still gonna get some pussy after?

Question 1b: or the last?

Question 2a: Would we have matched for the same reason that they decided to rob me?

Question 2b: Do I still look like a lick?

Question 3: Would I even know? Question 3 tangent: Brains are funny because mine doesn’t let me remember their face, but I do remember their hands. The hand with the gun and the hand on me. Both terrifying, both ashy. But isn’t that kinda dangerous too? Or would the repressed image have come back? But, then I guess if my brain could do that, we wouldn’t have matched. Tangent over, let’s keep going with the questions.

Question 4 a: Would they have remembered and is that why they Would match with me?

4b: And what would they even want to see or know ?

4c: if I can still ride the bus or not?

4d: if I can still be by myself or not?

Question 5a: Would they have been a Scorpio? B: Aries?

C: Maybe he robbed me to get a birthday fit? Ah, a cancer.

6: they had locs, so would they be a “good morning” or a “grand rising” type of nigga?

7a: Would they call me “chocolate”?

B: Or “Queen”?

C: Or a “chocolate queen”? I really hate when people do that.

8a: Would their bio have “only god can judge me” in it?

B: or “I DoNt dO BioS”

9: would they pay for the date? I mean they should right? Not for any other reason besides if

you’re robbing people you should probably have something to show for it.

10a: did we already meet?

B: did I know them from before?

But maybe I’d swipe left

You can connect with Indira via social media - @indira.again

Why do you write?

To get my thoughts out, to accept myself

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