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Look Up - Tychelle Nikole

I almost downed me

Almost let life drown me

What's next for me

But I found me the best me I ever seen

Chasing my dreams starting new things

Man it crazy how life go but I’m starting to get the hang of things like monkey rings

When I was at the bottom thought I had someone there to pick me up, but I really needed a pick me up for the path that I was about to begin.

From losing friends to loved ones

Finding myself was ruff because I did feel like no one can understand how it feels to be me

To see the things that I’ve seen or bring the things that I bring to the table

God damn I wasn’t stable

But no one saw it

Cause I ain’t own it

Because I knew I had to keep pushing no matter how bad I wanted to give up on the inside screaming shit sucks but keep smiling stay strong keep going

You worth it

You ain’t perfect just work it

Before you know it I earned it

Before you know it I learnt it

Tychelle Nikole is a Visionary, you can follow her on IG at @Punnsister, @TychelleNikole

What's next for Tychelle Nikole?

Pass the moon beyond the stars.

Tychelle Nikole writes to better understand her thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

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