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Suppression - Armon

Sup y’all ! Sup y’all ! Were you aware that sup means to consume a small amount of liquid? If that’s so then I’ve been sipping all these years without knowing the real context of the content, as far as my friends go… The real meaning behind the conflicts of a convict, the difference of time waste and time spent, or when your stress makes your stomach curl up into a ball so tight that the only thing you can feel is I’m sick, I’ve Supped! Not on purpose but unintentionally, Fading into the sunset I try my best to forget my negative memories, I look to the sky and watch the reflections and so vividly, I notice the color change on the leaves beneath my feet and yet it’s giving me, A sense of urgency to go deeper into my being, and even though it’s sickening, one of the hardest things I had to work on was forgiving me… For before, now, and later on for me mentally, My heart beats to the Rhythm of my still anxious symphony, My tears are so invisible that I don’t show availability, But my countenance decreases due to un-calculated chemistry, I’ve held on to this season for a short amount of time consistently, However I notice there’s a strain in my activity, Because when the seasons change , I change with them unintentionally, Fading into the sunrise I disperse in my calligraphy, Maybe one day I won’t become a victim of my antiquity, And carefully remain the same to which I was initially… Absorbing everything as they vent to me, Not having the sense to release… but it’s tempting me.. tempting me into letting, tempting me into guessing, tempting me into pressing… But yet I still press on. Even in the midst of this press on I still sometimes thirst for that cup that I’ve had a bad habit with that sup that I’ve let on. That sup that I’ve … somewhat acknowledged for a moment but then I ignored and slept on. That sup that I’ve lead on, that sup that I’ve left on, that sup that met my press on and slowly but surely not immediately but eventually put my mind body and soul and emotions into sup press on, I mean suppression!! Wondering if one day I we could one day revisit that millennium puzzle door we’ll climb, in which doors were locked so dormant that the only way to release the context of the content was with a mature healed mind… because if not we’ll continue in that loop of distraction and adding locks and levels and heights to that door because that door will climb, but if we feel deal and heal then that door we’ll climb, and begin our journey to end suppression…

Armon is a local poet from Cleveland, Ohio

He is set to graduate May 2023

You can follow Armon on IG at: @amb_216 to keep up with all of his future efforts.

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