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Dear Wife,

I come to you asking for acceptance.

Accepting me for who I am, what I have done, and what I will do.

I want you to understand that if my Titanic drifts too far in the wrong direction, I hope I can

count on you to be my anchor.

Worst-case scenario, if my ship decides to crash when life throws too many glaciers could you be my raft when the wrath of hardships overcome me?

I have flaws just as much as the next person but it doesn’t mean I have nothing to offer.

True love is unconditional which means I’ll take you no matter what condition you’re in.

Our matrimony will work under one condition: Allow us to condition each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

I have yet to meet a real woman to quench my thirst for intimacy and maybe you have the water I need.

A substance that is required for survival and as much as I want to take big gulps due to being

dehydrated for so long, I only take sips to savor it for as long as I live.

If the Lord brings you into my life, I will try with all my might to protect you from any harm or


Believing in God for protection will not suffice by itself; that’s where our actions come in.

Negative outside forces or self-deprecating behavior will not be tolerated in our home.

How can we raise children and be their proper guardian if our own minds aren’t suited for battle?

Let me provide you with my golden heart and try my best to care for your needs.

I would make that a promise but promises are meant to be broken and this isn’t something I want to break.

I believe I’m ready to find you and I hope your eyes are open as well.

No need to let my previous encounters blind me from envisioning the future.

I heard forgiveness has a power to it that uplifts the most hurt.

So with all due respect, whatever pain you have leave it behind before you start this journey with me.

A woman needs a man’s endurance and a man needs a woman’s compassion.

Half of you plus half of me equals a whole piece.

You are worthy of being loved my dear. You are enough.

Komplex is a Poet/Hip Hop Artist.

You can follow Komplex on social media at the links below:

What's next for Komplex? ( Upcoming events, book releases)

Debut studio album dropping later this year.

Komplex writes to inspire and teach.

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